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Helping people surpass physical limitations, breakdown mental barriers, all while remaining spiritually grounded

TG Wellbeing Clinics can be found inside existing TG Centers (The Gym/8 locations) beginning with TG Chula Vista, Ca.


TG Wellbeing will also have stand-alone facilities as we continue to grow and expand. Our priority is getting optimal results with every client - inside and out. TG Wellbeing will merge the fitness industry with the medical field by allowing its members to have access to a specialized team made up of a nurse, physician, and personal trainer.


This team would work in unison to provide a higher level of attention and detail for achieving and managing the gym member’s health and fitness goals. TG Well Being will be able to achieve this by giving the member the opportunity to have a consultation with a registered nurse or a physician, obtain labs, and provide the latest in preventative medicine and anti-aging treatments, all while never having to leave the gym. For optimal performance, recovery, and rejuvenation from the inside out.


Improving the safety of clients, members, elite athletes, and competitors. Staying healthy and strong -- physically and mentally. More accurate details and an understanding of deficiencies and immediate needs.


Monitoring potential high risk and warning signs. Professional prescriptions: TRT, HRT, Injectables, recovery and replenishment, hydration, peptide, and amino therapy. Healthy eating, diet, nutrition, and proper vitamin, and supplementation.

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